A little over a month ago I was over 270 pounds.  I remember getting on a flight to Orlando, FL for a consulting contract I was working.  I sat in my seat in a row of 3 on the plane.  I was nervous.  Our plane was full and there were going to be two people sitting next to me.  I was in the window seat and remember just watching as people walked down the aisle looking for their seat.  Every time a big guy like me would start moving towards my side of the plane I would say a silent prayer… please God, don’t let them be in my row.

The first guy that sat in our row was indeed a big guy.  He was in the aisle seat though.  Shortly after, a petite young lady approached us.  She was in the middle seat.  The look of disappointment on her face would be hard to anyone to hide.  She had just realized that she was going to spend the next 2 hours or so sandwiched in the middle of two people she didn’t know.  I felt bad for her, and I was embarrassed for me.  In that moment, I made a silent promise to myself… something MUST change.

We have all been there in some way or another.  On top of the shame while traveling, I didn’t feel good.  I felt sick all the time, sweated profusely, couldn’t tie my shoes without holding my breath, and was nearly bursting out of all of my clothes.  Too much information?  Maybe… but this is honestly how I felt on the inside.

In a Godsend moment a week later, a close friend of mine called me.  He had lost over 30 lbs on a plan that he had started recently.  He knew on a very limited level that I was trying to lose weight but just couldn’t get it figured out.  I had tried everything it seemed and nothing worked.  He introduced me to a plan that has truly changed my life.

It is now a little over a month since I started with the plan that my friend Dallas got me set up on.  I eat 6 times a day, drink a LOT of water, and have a health coach that keeps me honest and inspired.  I HAVE LOST 32 POUNDS!  And the weight keeps shedding almost daily.  I feel so much better and way more confident.  I dress differently because I feel good about myself.  I can bend over without pain and discomfort.  I don’t have to always wear 2 shirts so my shirt doesn’t get sweated through.  It has truly changed my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I am still on the journey.  I am right around halfway to where I want to be.  But I am making so much progress.  Any of you who know me know that if something works for me, I want to share it with everyone so they can benefit too.  I would love to share this plan with you.

If you are struggling like I was, please email me at mcalpinecoaching@gmail.com or any other way you know how!  I would like to tell you how you can take your first step to reclaiming your health!

This is me, Easter last year and Easter this year

I took this pic just minutes ago!