I have learned a lot over the years about goals.  I have set goals that I achieved, and goals that I failed at miserably.  Over time, I began learning the key difference between achieving the goals that I set and the goals that I fell short of.  It was simple honestly, most of the goals that I failed at achieving was simply because I never defined my “why”.

A why is very important.  When we know our why, then we have taken the time to visualize what life might be like after we achieve whatever goal we set for ourselves.  When we struggle on our path to achieving what we set out to do, (and you will struggle), having a solid “why” is what will help you dig deeper into getting to the summit of your struggle.

I have had many goals over the years.  I have had career goals, financial goals, health goals etc etc.  The goals that had the power of a why behind them though were the goals that I usually ended up achieving.

So here is my question for you…  what is YOUR why?

I asked myself this a little over 3 months ago when I realized that I desperately needed to lose weight.  My why was simple.  I wanted to get my health back so I could run with my kids, and so that I would look good this summer.  I wanted to wear skinny guy clothes and not be stuck to loose fitting black shirts that hopefully hid my shame and embarrassment.  I didn’t want to continue living a life where my wife looked at me with concern and even fear over how long I might be around on this earth.  I wanted a fuller life than what I had, I knew that losing weight was the catalyst to achieving that life.

After defining that why, I could now begin the process of moving forward.

So what is YOUR why?  I would love to know in the comments!