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Invest, Then Wait

Those of us that do ministry to families tend to be very passionate about what we are doing in ministry…so much so that we can often forget about taking the time to let the seeds we have planted germinate.  We tend to “jump the gun” and expect our ministries to go from A-Z without hitting anything in the middle.  Our impatience though, if not handled with care can actually turn people off…particularly parents.

We can’t hit the pinnacle of our family ministry in a short amount of time.  We need to invest in our ministries…and then wait for that investment to pay off.  Be patient, keep investing and you will end up with a very fruitful end!  After you have invested in your ministry, here are some things you can do while you are waiting for those investments to pay off.

1.  PRAY-  Take the time to pray for the families you are investing in.  Pray for their spiritual growth.  Pray for the marriage that is represented in that family.  Continually ask God to give wisdom to the parents of the home.

2.  BE FAITHFUL  This is a simple way to win with parents and help them to actually WANT to hear what you have to say in regards to family.  DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE GOING TO DO!  Family Ministry people would have a lot more weight with parents if they weren’t so flighty!

3.  Have an awesome Children’s Ministry-  While you are waiting on your investment, focus on having an awesome Children’s Ministry.  Build relationships and continually seek to make things better.  This will ALWAYS pay off in the end!

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